Empower Your Workforce with an Advanced Employee Training Platform

Sincx learning platform that offers multiple digital modules for organizations to select and train their employees. Our Corporate Learning Management System (LMS) centralizes all your training content and resources, making it effortless to deliver training programs efficiently and effectively. Powerful reporting and analytics tools enable you to measure training effectiveness and identify areas for improvement, ensuring continuous growth and development.

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Custom Training

SincX learning LMS is the ultimate eLearning and up-skilling suite, designed for more engagement, customization, and growth. Effortlessly comply, onboard, train and upskill to elevate your success. This not only boosts productivity but also contributes to the overall success of the organization

Onboarding Training

Our onboarding training is purpose-built to transform this vision into reality. With features such as digitized forms and tailor-made welcome messages, coupled with interactive training modules, we provide a comprehensive solution. Easily customize and control user access, permissions, and branding, all from a single centralized platform.

Sales Training

Grow both your sales people and your profits and meet your targets with structured, accessible, and on-demand learning. To achieve these targets, it is crucial to deliver an effective sales pitch and provide your team with the latest knowledge, training, and techniques. By utilizing Sincx sales training, you can adequately prepare your team to consistently achieve your business goals.

Manufacturing Industry Training

Train every employee and partner with the best manufacturing LMS. Manufacturing companies face many challenges imparting training programs to their workforce, especially because they need to keep their employees trained to meet the regulations in their industry for streamlining processes and a well-functioning company.

Corporate LMS

SincX Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training is versatile, catering to various needs such as onboarding, compliance training, customer training, product training, and more. Our Corporate LMS provides effective online training programs that help employees acquire new knowledge and build specific skills, enhancing their career development and improving employee retention rates.

Hospitality LMS

The hospitality LMS built to train your entire team from a single platform When there’s a lot of people in different roles to train and not a lot of time before the busy season hits, you need an LMS designed for hospitality training. Discover how Sincx learning helps you get your training up and running in less than a day, so you can deliver information to everyone on your team.

SincX Learn

Customized Trainings

Address your specific company needs. Do not settle on generic training topics. Employees learn what’s directly relevant to their jobs.

SincX Learn

Interactive elements

Boost engagement with interactive content & animations. Improve training completion rate and knowledge retention.

SincX Learn

Mobile Learning

Get your team to learn on the go. Fitting trainings into busy schedules with bite-sized learning nuggets, assessable in remote as well.

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