Empowering people with Lean Learning

Lean learning is the future of professional development. SincX learning platform is dedicated to empowering teams and growing organizations by making learning easy and quick. Acquire new skill with a cup of coffee in one hand a mobile device in other.

Continuous learning is becoming new norm with SincX Learn to drive organization & making them overcome competition and embrace growth. Sharpen your team’s decision-making skills and make them solve strategic problems.

Learner’s own dashboard

The learner’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of their learning journey.
It displays the total number of courses assigned to the learner and the progress made so far. Courses with due dates are highlighted, and those that have surpassed their due dates are marked as overdue.
This feature empowers learners to effectively manage and monitor their learning progress.

Keep all your resources handy

The resource tab on SincX Learn App gives learners their personal document repository. It allows learners to mark important documents related to their courses or recent learnings as favourites for easy access. This feature is particularly useful for field employees who need instant access to essential documents such as service manuals, sales brochures, or policy documents.

Keep the learners motivated with rewards & certificates

SincX Learn’s courses are integrated with virtual rewards and certificates. Learners collect points for each successfully completed training. This allows for a comparative analysis of the learning points accrued by each team member. Furthermore, a leaderboard system is in place to foster a competitive and motivating learning environment. This not only enhances the learning experience but also promotes continuous professional development.

Master your skill set with Knowledge Sets

The “Knowledge Set” feature is designed to simplify your learning experience. It provides a collection of courses focused on specific skill development areas.
Leadership, compliance, and workplace safety are just a few examples of the curated topics available. These targeted collections eliminate the need to navigate through numerous screens, to ensure that you have all the relevant courses available at your fingertips.

Make LEAN LEARNING an integral part of your L&D Strategy with SincX Learn App.

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