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Get your employees up to speed quickly and cost-effectively. Our custom eLearning modules and Lean app for training offer a fast and easy way to onboard new hires and develop existing talent. With minimal setup time, you can be delivering high-quality, engaging training programs that reduce training time and boost productivity. This translates to a significant return on investment (ROI) with a more skilled and engaged workforce.

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Flexible Learning

Experience flexible learning with SincX Learn, anytime, anywhere. Fit trainings around your team’s schedule. Allow them to learn at their own pace by revisiting modules when the time permits.

Learning Journey

Provide a structured journey to your learners with Learning pathways, guiding them from beginner to mastery. Break down complex topics into sequential order and make your team develop relevant skills.

Knowledge retention

Automate reassignment of courses for refreshing knowledge to combats the forgetting curve. Add interactive elements like quizzes and simulations to enhance your learners’ knowledge retention.

Learning nuggets

Our learning nuggets empower learners with bite-sized knowledge bursts that fits in their busy schedules. Target specific skills through focused modules & enhance performance with quick learning.

Sync across all devices

SincX Learn ensures seamless learning by allowing learners to pick up their course where they left off, on any device. No more restarting modules – start on computer, complete on phone or tablet.

Rewards & Certifications

Gamify your learners’ experience & boost their motivation with rewards and certifications after course completion. Make learning, a fun and competitive activity motivating learners to ask for more.

SincX Learn

Customized Trainings

Address your specific company needs. Do not settle on generic training topics. Employees learn what’s directly relevant to their jobs.

SincX Learn

Interactive elements

Boost engagement with interactive content & animations. Improve training completion rate and knowledge retention.

SincX Learn

Mobile Learning

Get your team to learn on the go. Fitting trainings into busy schedules with bite-sized learning nuggets, assessable in remote as well.

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