How Mobile Learning can be a Beneficial Tool for Training & Development?

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What is Mobile Learning?

It refers to a type of learning content that caters the changing expectations of learners by providing anytime and anywhere access. mLearning is applicable more than ever in every field as it effectively addresses the employee training needs, saves a lot of time, retains the knowledge, provides freedom to employees to select suitable courses and refer to them whenever needed. The condensed information makes it easier for the learners to learn the key concepts and avoid overburdening themselves with too many details. The personalized learning experience provides a control and enhances the employee engagement. The learners need not worry about the operating systems or devices they are using. It makes them feel empowered when they learn at their own pace, without any restrictions.

Mobile Learning has become a crucial concept and gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. In order to give their employees a better learning experience, many organizations are using mobile learning as it significantly improves the efficiency. The employees from different countries can be trained at one time.

Benefits of using mLearning for the employees

The main benefit of mLearning is that it is very convenient to consume by the learners. Interesting content of mLearning helps the training creator to leave a memorable experience and it also motivates the learners to take new courses.

Organizations, not having their all employees at one place, can benefit greatly by using mLearning. It can also help in saving huge costs like that of arranging dedicated spaces, appointing expert instructors, taking hard copies of the training materials, travelling and food expenses. Managers are able to reach every team member and can even get real-time updates about the progress made by each of them.

The assessments and quizzes can be used to check whether the learner has been able to grasp the knowledge or not. mLearning encourages continuous learning to foster a highly productive, engaged and motivated workforce that can perform best according to their abilities.
It is the best way of transforming from one-time learning into continuous improvement.

Combining benefits of mLearning with micro-Learning

Corporate organizations generally have training needs like, induction training, professional skills training, soft skills training, product training, sales training, leadership training, compliance training and more.

When organizations want to train their teams using bite sized training modules then mobile learning comes handy. These trainings are also known as Microlearning. These are designed to cover the relevant information within 2-5 minutes of knowledge packets and are easily digestible. The idea is to break the training into smaller sections to catch the learner’s attention and retain the knowledge. Moreover, the access provided to the bitesize microlearning in combination with mobile learning has helped the employees to drive better results than ever. It can even act as a support to the Instructor Led Training.

Engaging and informative videos used in mLearning content is more likely to be retained in comparison to typical text materials. This ultimately leads to better training completion rates. It is necessary to ensure that the content is properly indexed and simplified so that the relevant information is easier to find.

General queries about mLearning:

Which type of organizations can use mLearning for training their employees?
Every organization, small or large, local or multinational, private or public, can benefit by using mLearning to train their employees.

How to utilize mLearning for employee trainings?
If you are planning to train your employees with mobile learning, start with defining the goals. Be clear about the results to be achieved through this training program. Identify, which type of content your employees would like to learn from. Choose the methods in which you can offer more flexibility to the learners so that they are able to consume the training content at their own ease. Once you are done with these steps, then start building your training content with the help of respective manager, subject matter expert or a training partner.

Is it easy for the learners to access the mLearning content?
The courses can be accessed by the learners with the help of few clicks. They can use their mobile phones or tablets as per their ease to go through their courses. Learners can also see their progress and complete the assigned modules.