Administration of users and their learning journey

From the time users are onboarded and till the time they leave, their whole learning journey is a breeze to handle using SincX Learn platform. We want your supervision on building up the skills and capabilities of your team members. User administration is now a matter of few clicks and you are ready to upskill them. The dashboards provides a birds eye view about the overall progress of learners.

Effortless User Account Creation

Effortlessly integrate your employees with SincX Learn’s user-friendly account setup process. Administrators can easily add new recruits and existing staff members. The platform allows for automatic assignment of users to designated departments and groups through the mass account creation feature. In just a few clicks, you’re set to boost your team’s competencies and propel your organization’s development.

Specific User Roles and Permissions

Use the role based access levels on SincX Learn platform. This allows administrators to assign specific roles to users, such as learner, creator, or manager, each with their own set of permissions. These permissions allow granular control over features, ensuring data security and a focused learning experience.

User grouping based on departments or functions

Organize your workforce for efficient training delivery with SincX Learn’s user groups. Group your users by departments, skill levels, or project needs. This simplifies course assignment, communication, and targeted learning initiatives. Even for geographically dispersed teams, create location-based groups and define customized learning journeys for each. This fosters collaboration and peer-to-peer learning, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Progress Tracking Dashboards

Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with SincX Learn’s progress tracking dashboards. Our dashboards provide insights into learners’ progress, course completion rates, and other performance metrics. Track individual and group completion rates, identify learning gaps, and measure the effectiveness of training programs. Have a learning competition with Leader’s board and correlate the points points earned by learners with their annual performance appraisals. Data-driven insights allow you to organize the learning strategies in sync with the company’s goals.

Keep your team’s learning progress on track with SincX Learn’s dashboards.

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